Original Stills, Promotional and Otherwise, continued
From "Laurey's Dream" just before the saloon dancing routine.
Liz and Jane lead in the parade and are on the lower left.
The girls outdoing Rudolph Nureyev with a nice synchronzied "Grand Jete"
just before the Dream Ballet scene.
Liz, as usual, excels in her extension and exuberance.
and offers a pleasant counterbalance to the grim-faced cowboys.
Agnes de Mille created over 40 minutes of dancing for this film but only 23
made it past the cutting room floor.
This frame is from one of those casualties. Hopefully more of these gems will surface.
Liz is on the left
with Gene Nelson,
while the rest of the camera
crew mug it up on location
for the "Kansas City" routine.
Note that,
ever the professionals,
both she and Gene POSE
(note their stance),
as compared to the flat-footed
positions of the others.
Update: 11-07-06: That is
Richard Rodgers
next to Gene.
Director Fred Zinnermann
is second from the right.
Update 06-10-06: Serendipity at work -- I placed a "Wanted to buy" notice on a couple of
auction boards without much hope, and received a reply from a guy in California who just
moved in to his "new" home and found a file full of Hollywood memorabilia, including
stills from various 1950s-1960s movies.  We struck a deal on these two then and there and
the following photos are the result.  Nothing written on the back identifying anyone, dang
it.  I've asked him to look around for any others in the faint hope there's more floating
The first looks like a studio promo, while the second appears to be a candid personal shot
taken on the site of the movie.  I'm still kissing my hands over this deal.
This is a neat shot, showing, left to right, director Fred Zinneman,
cinematograher Robert Surtees
and choreographer Agnes De Mille sitting by the Todd-AO camera,
filming a scene from "Farmers and Ranchers".
Gene, Liz and Jane are center stage.
Allen C. Reed, Arizona Highways magazine, April 1955
The majority of the movie-making photos in this issue are of the scenic variety,
in keeping with the magazine's theme.
The only other photo of the dancers is one where the girls are taking a rainstorm break
in Aunt Eller's home.
Once again, where the female dancers are concerned, Liz gets all the attention.
Perhaps the kid was just SO photogenic/cute, the photographer instinctively singled her out.