Original Stills, Promotional and Otherwise
(Updated as I run across new finds)
From "Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City".
Gene Nelson does the two-step with Charlotte Greenwood.
On the left, Liz looks on in admiration while lanky Jerry Dealey (uncredited)
adds to the rhythm.
It's hard to make a generalization so early, but so far these promos do not reflect scenes
found in either version on the DVDs.  I would have thought that they would have been taken
from the existing film rather than apparently seperate on-site promo shots.  Then again,
maybe these particular scenes were culled from the movie.
UPDATE 12-10-06: IMDb poster justoldbll opines, correctly IMHO, "I wouldn't presume
that there are any scenes from OKLAHOMA! left on the cutting room floor.  Most production
stills are not film captures, but photos taken by still photographers out of camera range during
rehearsals or lighting tests, or other times when the cameras are not actually rolling.  Also keep
in mind that often scenes are filmed from two different angles at the same time to facilitate the
editing process.  A still may often show up from an angle that ended up being unused as
opposed to "cut".  To boot, multiply all this by two, given that each scene was shot
un-simultaneously in Todd-AO and CinemaScope."  
That causes me to hope that there are
still (no pun intended) LOTS of these neat scenes that remain to be discovered.  I find it
intriguing that in most scenes portraying the dancers, Lizanne is in the center or otherwise
subtly promoted.  If it's not my imagination, it sure would be interesting to find out why.
UPDATE 10-26-06: The best pic in this series, IMHO, with our girls trading impish glances.
(I can almost hear the photographer saying, "All right girls, give me that look you gave each
other in
"All Er Nuthin".)  It is interesting that these two dancers were apparently singled out,
yet never really given the credit they deserved in the film.  So far, the only other closeups I have
seen have been of the major stars.  They DID get a modicum of recognition, barely, in the blurb
on the reverse, shown below.
This scene is just after Laurey left the center of this circle and headed for the mirror vignette.
Yet another example of the subtle emphasis on Lizanne
by having her placed in the center of the scene in a somewhat out-of-sync pose.
UPDATE 12-21-06: Enough pictures have been discovered that loading a single page for the
modem users takes too long (as per email requests), so a second page has been added, which
also entailed revamping the sequence of the pictures.
Moments later, Gene is showing off his fancy "Ragtime" footwork
as Jane, Charlotte, Liz and the gang look on.
Liz, intrigued by the new dance, tries a few tentative steps and seconds later
skitters away in fright when Gene really cuts loose.
In "Many A New Day", Jane and Liz (in the background center right)
watch as the grown ups cavort around the living room.
In a few minutes they join in and the camera then focuses on Liz
as she does a winsome and heart-tugging routine
of a young girl dreaming of her lover.
UPDATE 07-08-07:  But first, a terrific studio shot of Liz, still with that alluring pixie-cut.  It
was taken in Las Vegas around 1958 and clearly reflects her charisma.  Man, those big soft
eyes pull you right in.  I'd love to put this up on the wall in my workshop, but there's so
many there now, the wife would make that place my permanent home.
Photo by Mike Nagro
Courtesy The Academy of Dance on Film
Another cute shot of our girls with Gene Nelson getting all the attention, the lucky guy!
IMDb poster justoldbill earlier stated that these promo shots
were probably not cut from the film but taken during rehearsals.
The above photo proves the point as a stripped downGene Nelson
races for the caboose in the "Kansas Coty" routine.