The Johnny Mathis 1960 World Tour
A very foxy and still pixie-ish Lizanne with Johnny
during one of the many rehearsals this hard-working troupe went through
before performing before sell-out audiences.
It doesn't get any better than this - a scene is from "Felicidade",
with a stage full of talent and pulchritude,
and with our gal Liz, looking very Vegas-like and charismatic as usual, second from the left.
More rehearsal shots,
with Liz getting a nice,
well-deserved mention
in the third picture,
even though she is
called "Lizanna".
A smaller version
of the magazine's
cover page,
added here for
continuity's sake.
Note in the second
picture, as in
is often pictured
near the star
In the second
she is fourth
from the right,
beside Johnny.
Liz, stage right,
goes airborne
with the rest of the
cast while Johnny
belts out a number.
Larry Billman wrote
that Liz's small size
and light weight
(about 85 pounds or
so) made her a joy to
rehearse with during
numbers like this.
It is interesting to note
that while this magazine
article extolls Johnny,
Liz is the only other cast
member identified.
The scenes below are from The Academy of Dance on Film's archives
taken from an unknown magazine,
which reviewed the back stage workings of Johnny's show.
While a bit dark, they will have to do as they are the only ones known
that cover this show.
Once again,
Liz's professionalism
comes to the fore,
as she was
"Dance Captain"
for this small troupe.
That was a new term for
this layman, so I asked
Larry Billman
as to its meaning.

He replied,
" 'Dance Captain'
is the title for someone
who teaches the
choreography and
watches the show
to make certain that the
dancers are keeping
their positions
and performing the steps
and patterns as created
by the choreographer.
When I danced with
Lizanne, she always had
one eye 'out'
on the other dancers.
After the show she
would give us all 'notes'
any portions of the
choreography or
blocking/staging we were not
doing correctly.
It is a special talent to be
able to dance in the
show -- and observe
what the others
are doing.
(my emphasis)
Again and again,
Liz's exuberance
makes her stand
out.  I suspect
she would do so
in a crowd scene
at Times Square
on New Year's
Many 'Dance Captains' take themselves out of the show and observe it from the audience or
lighting booth.  With only 10 dancers in the show, she could not afford to remove herself,
as her partner would also have to stay out."  Is there ANYTHING this little pixie can't do?
Charming the socks off Johnny.  "Now Johnny, I think it should be done this way."