The Early Stage Days, Part I
NOTE: The entries in these Early Stage Days pages will be out of sync.  That is due to new info
coming in, and rather than constantly redo all the pages, I've left them as is.  (I didn't want to
lose the flavor of how much effort went into searching for Lizanne.)  So, in one frame I'll write
about talking with Liz while the next one is from an earlier time when I was still searching for

UPDATE 10-07-06: A request to the Denver Post librarian resulted in part: "There were dozens
of articles in our General Index (GI) about the operas but none of the citations gave any details
that would enable me to find a specific cast member.  The GI had no listing under Lizanne

UPDATE 09-18-07: Well, no wonder there were no listings for "Lizanne Truex", for in those
days she was "Elizabeth [Ann] Williams".  She adopted "Lizanne" (combination of her "Lizzie"
nickbame and Ann) as her screen name when she got a part in the movie "Oklahoma!".

UPDATE 07-05-08: Lizanne said that she made the front page of the Denver Post when she
appeared as Prima Ballerina in the Opera, and will search her files for some copies she believes
she still has.  That she had this prestigious title when only 16 says volumes about her talent.

I asked her how she got this plum assignment and she said she was working with a famous
Russian teacher in New York at that time and Denver contacted him with a request for someone
to fill that spot.  Having first hand experience with her talent, he recommended Lizanne, and she
was on her way.  An interesting sidebar that Lizanne related was that one of the Russian
instructors had had a hand in the assassination of Rasputin in 1916.  How's that for a close
brush with history?
High School Graduation - 1948
This clipping appears no different from the others, but it drove my scanner wild.  
Hopefully, it is still readable.
This clipping appears no different from the others, but it drove my scanner wild.  
Hopefully, it is still readable.
UPDATE 08-15-16: This email from Bob:
"I have a book written by Lizanne's Russian Dance teacher and have scanned 6 segments to
send.  She spoke of him often and had told me about him having trouble saying Elizabeth so he
called her "Lilibet".  These were prior to her going to the Denver Post Opera he sent her to.  The
photos with text are underlined where she is mentioned and the last photo is only for the
underlined reference to the preceding photo."   
(Five of those six segments are below.  I left out one of Mr. Sergievesky. - Al)
From Orest' Sergievesky's book "Memoirs of a Dancer" - Page 229 Opera "Degas"
Here's a close up.
(Be still my heart)
Check out that winsome cutie on the far right.  Wanna make a guess?