From Larry Billman's 05-08-07 email: The Civic Playhouse was located at 755 North La
Cienega Blvd in West Hollywood.  The theater has since been torn down.  Luckily, the
Academy of Dance on film has the original program in our files.   The show was directed
by the legendary film dance director, Busby Berkeley (42nd Street, Dames, Gold Diggers
of '33, '35, '37, Million Dollar Mermaid, Billy Rose's Jumbo, etc.) and choreographed by
Earl Barton.   It starred French film star Denise Darcel, film actor Byron Palmer and film
starlet Kipp Hamilton.

Lizanne was a member of the dance ensemble.   Can Can The Hacienda Hotel, Las
Vegas, April 11, 1957 - June 6, 1957  The existing Los Angeles production was booked to
play in Las Vegas after it closed.  
Can Can, The Los Angeles Civic Playhouse
December 25, 1956 - ???