Regina McKee, Entree Number Three
Bear with me - LOTS of stills and a long-winded comment is in the works on this gem.
In 1975 the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films nominated this film for the Golden Scroll
in the category "Best Horror Film".
Tagline: Welcome to Red Wolf Inn, Regina. Guess what we're having for dinner?
Known by many titles - take your pick: Terror on the Menu, Club Dead, Secrets Beyond the Door, Terror
at the Red Wolf Inn , Terror on the Menu, The Folks at Red Wolf Inn,  L'auberge de la terreur and God
knows how many more
I'm not the only one stoked on this film - read the reviews on the IMDB website.  Best, and most accurate
quote there:
"The acting is great and the cast seems to be having a lot of fun in their roles, especially Linda
Gillin, who nails her character fabulously as a lonely college girl eager to make friends and find romance."
The Piru Mansion, (California) where Regina met her love
and her two friends became a part of the family
A quote from the movie's review says it all: "Right off the mark there's a poignant
scene where she wants to share her good news (winning the vacation) with SOMEONE
in her apartment complex, only no one is around.  There's a nice long distance shot of
her almost lost in the tree-in-the-forest maze of balconies (that's her in the middle)
shouting `Hey, everybody, I'm a winner!' You're not five minutes into the film before
you LIKE the kid - cute, infectious smile and just plain NICE.  She makes you want to
put your arm around her."
The same house as shown above, showing how effective lighting can be.  The place has
OMINOUS written all over it.  Welcome, Regina.
The remains of a "going away" feast for Pamela, who becomes the entree for Edwina's  
going away dinner.
This clip, introduces Regina to the other two girls and the kindly old
couple who will eat them.  The dinner celebrating Pamela's departure has so many
interesting vignettes, it has become the highlight of the movie (starts at 3:00).  
Between bites, Regina says that if
she keeps eating like this, "I'll get
as fat as a pig."  The approving look
Mary Jackson gives her had me
slapping my thigh over the aura of
malevolence she projected.
I have a soft spot for Mary because
of an incident when I was called to
jury duty.  They showed us a movie
on the duties of a juror and Lo and
Behold, here was Mary giving us
the rundown.
I told the woman next to me that
Mary was a really good actress,
and when questioned as to what
movie, I said "She played a great
part as one of two old people who
lured young girls out to their isolated
home and ate them."  The woman
changed seats and never sat next to
me again.
"The phone doesn't work."  Regina's every attempt to call her mom is thwarted,
starting when she was picked up at the airport ("You can call when you arrive.") and
continuing until it dawns on the kid that she is trapped.
Romance blooms between Regina and Baby John and a very neat scene ensues.  Like
most guys, I am not mushy at all, but By God, this was the tenderest awkward first kiss in
the cinema I have ever seen.  
If she looked at me like that, I'd have rolled over and put
all fours to the sky.  Even my wife said that was "very sweet".
Looking at that picture even now as I add it to this web page, I still get a little squishy
One Helluva job, Linda.