Lizanne Truex,
talent extraordinaire
aka "The Oklahoma Pixie"
Walter A. Wyckoff
aka "Weary Willie"
With the 50th Anniversary DVD release of "Oklahoma", the question on IMDB
"Who are the 2 dancers?" now arises with increasing frequency as people re-discover the two "teens"
who are infatuated with Will Parker (Gene Nelson).

Well, you'll find out why, IMHO Lizanne is so special.

Author Larry Billman, who danced with Liz in the '60s, said of her,
"Lizanne was never 'Chorus' material. She was a brilliant dancer and had that kind of charisma
that made an audience sit up and take notice whenever she entered the stage."
No finer praise could be said of any dancer, and in Lizanne's case, it is fully warranted.

And this from a Las Vegas reviewer, who has seen talented dancers come and go,
"The blonde, pixie-ish performer is one of the finest dancers to ever set talented feet to Las Vegas boards
and she's been a mainstay of the Tropicana cast ever since the plush hostelry opened."

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Linda Gillen
Another talented actress,
whose light has been hidden
under the proverbial bushel.

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